What in the world is a stretch ninja? The stretch ninja is meant to represent an athlete who is loose, limber, quick, and powerful, the polar opposite of a stretch zombie whose movement is stiff, awkward, slow, and painful. Stretch ninja training is an education in performing daily maintenance on your body. This maintenance keeps you healthy, corrects and prevents injuries, gets you limber and feeling great, and enhances athleticism.

Those who have followed the Jump Science website, youtube channel, or facebook page know that I am not into marketing or product promotion AT ALL. I hate it. But I have chosen to help spread the word about Stretch Ninja Training for two reasons. One, it’s a great method that people can benefit from a lot. Two, just like my site, stretch ninja training is about educating people. It’s not just a list of stretches. The goal is to teach people how to take care of their body.

The stretch ninja movement is led by Robert Selby and Tanya Parker. They have been helping people take care of their bodies for many years. Coach Selby has worked with collegiate and professional athletes. I met in person with him and Tanya, and I experienced the stretching method. It is fantastic. The thing that they start people with is a total body daily routine for maintenance. And that’s great. But what I like the most is that I can name a problem in any part of the body, and Coach Selby immediately has several stretches for it. Each stretch specifically targets a particular muscle head or attachment point. It’s all very precise, and IT WORKS!

This training is not just another list of stretches. What I have learned from my experience with this method is HOW YOU STRETCH MATTERS. Stretch ninja training uses precision and attention to detail. It is very thorough. And it uses a special method that makes stretching more effective and also enjoyable. Imagine that. These components set this training apart from typical stretching.

I am all about stretching. I’ve been doing it religiously for years. I have great flexibility. But I had a long-lasting, annoying problem in my hamstring muscle that I was unable to fix. It improved substantially from one session with Coach Selby. And using what I learned I was able to continue progressing on my own. He has also helped me fix an issue in my bicep and quickly heal from a minor shoulder injury. Coach Selby is basically an extremely good physical therapist, and you can get access to his knowledge and experience through the stretch club.

If you have any flexibility issues, any muscular problems, any tendinitis, or just want a good way to maintain your body, I strongly recommend checking out this info. Coach Selby and Tanya hope to help many more people become stretch ninjas. You can get personal coaching from them through their website, StretchNinja.com. If nothing else, there is an option for some free info at the bottom of their page.