Question: “My strength coach is having me (along with all of the other throwers) do a lot reps that involve slow negative movements, pause at the bottom of the rep, and then lifting. This seems great for putting on size, but not sure how this works for explosiveness.”

Answer: “The slow negative and pause is the type of thing some coaches like to use in the earlier stages of a yearly training program. One of my mentors in college liked to start track athletes off with 1 and 1/4 squats, which accomplishes the same thing. The idea is basically to get time under tension and build up work capacity, get the muscles accustomed to lifting before hitting them with the high force that comes with fast eccentrics and heavy weights. Personally I like to just use some higher volume, rather than lifting slow. But as long as slow lifting doesn’t remain the foundation of the program for the whole year, it shouldn’t have any negative impact on explosiveness.