Question: “When I start running a 2-3 miles a couple times a week along with my plyos and sprint work I feel as if my overall sprint speed is faster. When I eliminate running all together and just do plyos and sprint work I don’t quite feel as fast. Is there anything to this or am I mistaken.”

Answer: “Well, first of all I suggest you start measuring your speed, so you can know whether or not you’re faster, not just feel like you are. But yes, there could be something to it. Structural strength tends to respond better to volume, whether it be team sport play, volume-based plyos like line hops, or running longer distance. So running a few miles will probably give you more structural strength than doing a few short sprints, even though the sprinting is more intense and develops more neural strength. In sprint training, volume is typically achieved by doing tempo (ex. 10 200s at submaximal speed). I’d suggest doing a workout like that rather than distance running. Also, do you lift? It may be that your training just completely lacks a strength stimulus, and distance running is the closest you have come to one. If you lift, there would not be a need for the distance.”

2011 Ostrava Track Meet