QUESTION: “hey I need some advice… So I’m homeschooled and my high school team plays a lot of games … we often play back to backs and tournaments we can play 2-3 games day… How can I try and stay fresh for my games?”

ANSWER: “First thing that comes to mind is eating. When you have a high intense activity level you really really need to eat a lot. Try to eat healthy obviously, but honestly in that type of situation eating something is better than nothing.

Specifically when it comes to before a game, think carbs. If you’re short on food going into a game, just eating some simple carbs really helps. And you can even get them during the game with a sports drink like Gatorade.

Eat as many vegetables as possible, and probably a good idea to take a multivitamin too. Something with B vitamins in it.

After games use a quick stretching routine where you hold each stretch for just 1-2 seconds at a time and do 5-10 reps. This will help move excess fluid out of your legs. Elevating your legs is a good idea too. What you don’t want to do is stand or sit around and let the fluid just pool down in your legs.

Lastly you want to keep your structural strength up. At any point if you have a couple days without a game, you can do a couple sets of light hinges, lunges, and some type of quad tendon health exercise.

And of course sleep a lot.”

RESPONSE: “exactly what I needed! Thanks man you’re the literal goat 😂”