From a purely scientific standpoint, the evolution of species from one ancestor is a joke.

From what science has shown, the process is impossible. Mutations don’t add more genes to the DNA. Also, HOW THE HECK DOES THE NUMBER OF CHROMOSOMES CHANGE?!

Those impossibilities aside, it is extraordinarily difficult to imagine a generation by generation progression that could bring about new traits/organs/species. As you study anatomy, biology, physiology, etc and you see all the complexity and the interdependence within an organism, ask yourself… Could this have possibly developed one mutation at a time? Wouldn’t that first mutation have been worthless without all the rest? How would the organisms have survived at this point in the process? How would that mutation end up in the entire population? Who did this organism mate with at this point in the process? If these mutations are random, how could they ever accumulate into something overwhelmingly complex and yet miraculously functional? When you try to envision the scenario of evolution, you run into major road blocks. But it’s all made to seem plausible by saying it took billions of years.

Looking at alleged evidence for evolution, I just have not seen any. Basically if we look at the current wildlife and the fossil record, we see that there is a wide variety of species that exist or have existed. We also see that there is commonality throughout all that variety. And that’s where the evidence stops. The evolution of species is basically a guess as to how we ended up with so much variety and commonality. And it is an interesting guess, but science clearly shows that the suggested process does not exist.

What people do is continue to point out more variety and more commonality and claim that it supports the theory of evolution. But discovering another unique species or finding that fruit flies have the same protein in their cells as humans is not evidence for evolution. It’s just more commonality and variety. Evolution is an alleged process, and there is no evidence of the process. Science shows it is impossible. To believe in evolution, you have to reject science and rely completely on faith.

From a spiritual standpoint, I think evolution dominates the scientific world, because people need a way around God, and the devil is skilled at poisoning minds. This goes beyond evolution. Along with the origin of species, people also need to address the origin of life and the origin of the universe. In all three cases, natural explanations fall woefully short, even to the point of rejecting laws of nature. And yet people still buy into these natural theories. So it’s obvious that this is not really a scientific battle. The science is clear. If it was just a matter of science, there would be no battle. The real battle is spiritual.

Just for good measure…

Let’s talk about the origin of life. All human attempts to create life have failed miserably. People have been able to get some proteins to form, and that is presented as evidence that life originated randomly by natural means (biogenesis). This is absolutely ludicrous. Proteins forming is irrelevant. You can take a living cell, put it in a test tube, and poke a hole in the membrane to let all the contents of the cell leak out. Now you have not just proteins, but all the assembled components of a cell in a test tube. And there is still nothing you can do to make those components form a cell and come to life. Claiming that proteins forming suggests biogenesis exists is like claiming that metals forming suggests complex machinery can spontaneously generate… and then come alive and start eating and reproducing on it’s own. That’s a key thing to understand. The complexity of a cell is incredible, and that is certainly a difficulty in trying to believe in biogenesis. But that’s not the hardest part. The biggest hurdle is the leap from non-life to life. As far as science can tell, life is a supernatural mystery. To believe in a natural origin of life, you have to reject science and rely completely on faith.

Now the origin of the universe. Science has produced a law of nature that says energy/matter cannot be created or destroyed. Since energy/matter definitely exist, and we know it cannot be created naturally, the logical conclusion is that something that is not bound by the laws of nature must have created it. Something supernatural must exist, or the natural universe could not exist. Some people have come up with ideas for how matter could have been created naturally. But they are just ideas. There is no evidence to support them. All the evidence supports a supernatural origin of the universe. To believe in a natural origin of the universe, you have to reject science and rely completely on faith.

A polypeptide molecule, part of a protein molecule. One cell contains millions or billions of protein molecules.