In September 2014, I got an email from a collegiate javelin thrower asking me for some training advice. He was coming off Tommy John surgery and missing the next track season, so he had a long time to train.

My advice: “First, keep things simple. Focus on increasing your squat, deadlift, and pull-up strength. (optional: clean or snatch) While you do that, continue to sprint and jump for explosiveness. Don’t waste your body’s energy on stuff that does not contribute to those pursuits. Don’t do bodybuilding. Don’t do ab work. Don’t jump rope. Don’t do agility ladders. Don’t jump on the exercise bike.

Second, eat a lot and sleep a lot. Limit alcohol consumption.

Third, even if you don’t compete in the spring, still have a season of explosiveness. Stop lifting and just sprint and jump for a few months. Just train with the sprinters and jumpers if you can. It will make you a better athlete. Then next off-season get on the strength grind again.










10 months later…


It’s been almost a year since my Tommy John surgery. I wanted to send a follow up email regarding my training this last year.

I followed your advice, keeping things very simple and focused on getting strong. I put on 50 pounds on my squat, 100 pounds on my deadlift, and can bench press without pain for the first time in years. On top of that I gained 10 pounds while staying just as lean.

All of this led me to a 20 foot PR in my first full throw since my surgery at 215 feet.

It’s amazing what quality training, eating a ton, and getting enough sleep can do. I definitely owe you a big thank you, as each piece of advice you gave me definitely played a huge role in my recovery.

I absolutely love this testimonial, because it highlights the effectiveness of some key principles found on this site.
1. A simple approach to strength development.
2. A commitment to fundamentals with no nonsense training that accomplishes nothing.
3. Eating a ton.
4. Taking an extended break from lifting to get fresh and explosive.
The same principles can be followed to jump higher, run faster, or improve any movement you want.