Question: “what exercises or training would be good for body control and balance when sprinting, jumping, being agile and cutting to get around people, and like in basketball contact when getting fouled or in soccer losing my balance sometimes.”

Answer: “No exercises will improve the ability you’re describing. That ability is a matter of skill in those movements and, in the case of taking contact, strength. You want to get better at staying balanced in your sport? Play your sport. Remember that is training in itself.

That answer is given with the assumption that proper training for athleticism is already being done. If you are effectively addressing flexibility and mechanics and increasing strength and explosiveness, doing additional exercises to supposedly target balance will not accomplish anything. Successful training helps you move better in general and do things you could not previously do.


During your new and improved movement, there may be some things that make it seem like you have better balance when in actuality you are just producing more force. For example, a basketball player may find that when grabbing a rebound he can land in an awkward position and stay on his feet when previously he could not. Or he may be more able to take a hit from a defender and keep his body in a better position for finishing the shot.

Those abilities come from (1) having the necessary coordination and (2) producing enough force. Coordination is developed by practicing the movements. Force production is developed by proper training mentioned above, “effectively addressing flexibility and mechanics and increasing strength and explosiveness.” There is no need for balance exercises.”