Dan Pfaff is wrong?

A quote from Dan Pfaff recently made the rounds through the athletic development community. Pfaff is obviously a great coach, and I do not intend to criticize him or judge […]

Evolution or Genetic Variety?

Watch the video on antibacterial drug resistance in E. coli.

Some people use this type of experiment as the chief evidence for darwinian evolution.

Here’s my beef. Bacteria have sources of genetic […]

Prevent Muscle Cramps

Pain Above the Knee Cap?

The rectus femoris (green marker) is one of the quadriceps muscles, but it is anatomically and functionally unique to the rest of the muscle group. The other quads simply cross […]

On the Origin of Species

From a purely scientific standpoint, the evolution of species from one ancestor is a joke.

From what science has shown, the process is impossible. Mutations don’t add more genes to the […]

Jump Science Principles Produce 20-foot Javelin PR

In September 2014, I got an email from a collegiate javelin thrower asking me for some training advice. He was coming off Tommy John surgery and missing the next track […]

Why Basketball Players Are Weak

This video covers some of the common reasons that basketball players struggle to develop strength and athleticism.

Skill is Specific (speed ladders and balance exercises)

What carries over to what? That is one of the biggest questions in training athleticism. There are a million exercises, a million ways to get tired, a million cool things […]

Force vs Technique: Knee Bend

Force has a big influence on technique. A lot of athletes and coaches get caught up in focusing on technique as a way to improve without realizing that producing more […]

Force vs Technique: Acceleration Angle

Force has a big influence on technique. A lot of athletes and coaches get caught up in focusing on technique as a way to improve without realizing that producing more […]

Does How High You Jump Matter?

The problem with using vertical jump as a measure of athleticism is it has no time component. Some people can spend a half second or more on the ground generating […]

Beware of the Explosion Principle

Be careful not to completely remove volume from your training. It’s easy to fall in love with the “explosion principle” or the “quality over quantity” concept, which lead people to […]

Are you Wasting Your Time?

Too many athletes waste time and effort on things like general fitness workouts, six different types of core training, stuff that looks cool or is just really hard, sport-specific training, […]

Jump Training for Basketball

Different sports involve different types of movements, including different types of jumps. For example, high jumping has only one type of jump, a full approach running jump off one foot. […]

Is Athletic Ability Genetic?

This is a very common question and it’s not a fun one to answer. The truth is genetics do play a significant role in the vertical jump and athletic ability […]

Lifting Weights Stunts Growth?

A lot of people have heard at some point that lifting weights before adulthood stunts growth. This is based on the hypothesis that applying high force to the skeleton will […]

How Much Will I Gain?

This is probably the question I’ve been asked more than any other since I began helping people train. Everyone wants to know, “How many inches in a month?” “Can I […]

Different Types of Athletes/Jumpers

A while ago I came across a standing vertical jump calculator on Kelly Baggett’s website. It’s prediction was based on just one thing, strength to body weight ratio. I entered […]

Ankle Sprain Rehab

The most common injury suffered by basketball players is a sprained ankle. This is an extremely painful injury that can cause significant setbacks in speed, jumping ability, and agility. Basically […]

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