Why do athletes need to be flexible?

QUESTION: “I saw you say, like many coaches, that flexibility is underrated. I just wanted to ask what shaped your views and why you think that?

I understand that stretching has […]

Losing Weight to Jump Higher

QUESTION: “i purchased your program last year and my training has been on and off, but i’ve seem some great result following your program!
i couldn’t even touch the rim before, […]

The Simple Formula

QUESTION 1: “So when it comes down to the essence of training for vertical jump, could it be summarized as shown below?

Step 1. Get stronger (with Squats & Deadlifts)
Step 2. Stop […]

How Football Players Get Fast

This athlete who emailed me is reflective of a pretty common situation in football. Players are often more developed in the strength department and need a shift in the explosive […]

Sprain your ankle to jump higher?

I received an email with some great examples of the value of rest and questions about the influence of conditioning…

Question: “Hi Coach Back… I had great success with your original […]

Supersetting strength and explosive exercises

Q: “How do you feel about doing plyos in between sets of squat or deadlift?”

A: “The purpose of doing explosive training in between or after strength training is to take […]

Muscle Tension, RFD, and Nervous System Questions

A Jump Science user sent me a number of email questions. Here are my responses.

Will generating more tension in my muscle during training improve my performance?
More tension produces more structural […]

Fixing Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Question: “After doing some reading and research I discovered I have a significant anterior pelvic tilt. Most of what I have found and read on the topic is about how […]

Advice for Volleyball Players

Email response to a professional volleyball player. 6 foot 10. 40-inch vert on short approach. History of some knee problems. Only a 10-week off-season.

“Ok, you are definitely correct to not […]

Sprinting for Non-Track Athletes

Got a question about distances for sprinting for someone in a team sport, not track and field. One of the things mentioned was using short sprints, 30m for example. The […]