Eating More for Speed Performance



Recovery During a Hard Season

QUESTION: “hey I need some advice… So I’m homeschooled and my high school team plays a lot of games … we often play back to backs and tournaments we can […]

Speed Training Periodization

…The main thing between me and my dream of playing D1 football is my physical abilities when it comes to speed and agility. I am not slow (4.65 40 hand-time), […]

Striking The Ground in Sprinting

I read somewhere that a major difference between people who are considered fast and those who aren’t lies in technique. It was written there that some of the people when […]

Light vs Heavy Eccentrics and Structural Strength

I’ve been reading the book, Triphasic Training, by Cal Dietz… he trains each dynamic action separately starting with the eccentric phase of the movement. He uses submaximal and supramaximal slow […]

Why do athletes need to be flexible?

QUESTION: “I saw you say, like many coaches, that flexibility is underrated. I just wanted to ask what shaped your views and why you think that?

I understand that stretching has […]

Losing Weight to Jump Higher

QUESTION: “i purchased your program last year and my training has been on and off, but i’ve seem some great result following your program!
i couldn’t even touch the rim before, […]

How Football Players Get Fast

This athlete who emailed me is reflective of a pretty common situation in football. Players are often more developed in the strength department and need a shift in the explosive […]

Sprain your ankle to jump higher?

I received an email with some great examples of the value of rest and questions about the influence of conditioning…

Question: “Hi Coach Back… I had great success with your original […]

Supersetting strength and explosive exercises

Q: “How do you feel about doing plyos in between sets of squat or deadlift?”

A: “The purpose of doing explosive training in between or after strength training is to take […]

Muscle Tension, RFD, and Nervous System Questions

A Jump Science user sent me a number of email questions. Here are my responses.

Will generating more tension in my muscle during training improve my performance?
More tension produces more structural […]

Advice for Volleyball Players

Email response to a professional volleyball player. 6 foot 10. 40-inch vert on short approach. History of some knee problems. Only a 10-week off-season.

“Ok, you are definitely correct to not […]

Sprinting for Non-Track Athletes

Got a question about distances for sprinting for someone in a team sport, not track and field. One of the things mentioned was using short sprints, 30m for example. The […]

Why Strength Training Works

The owner of MeisterMMA shared a Jump Science facebook post about the value of strength training. He got a response to that post questioning if heavy lifting has sport-specific adaptations, […]

Running Longer Distance for Speed?

Question: “When I start running a 2-3 miles a couple times a week along with my plyos and sprint work I feel as if my overall sprint speed is faster. […]

Returning From a Broken Bone

Got an email from an athlete who broke his fibula during basketball practice. He’s wondering if he will be able to get his athleticism back for triple jump in the […]

Pause Squats

Question: “What do you think of pause squats? I’ve heard that they force proper form, strengthen weak positions, and increase explosiveness.”

Answer: “I’m not against pause squats, but I don’t recommend […]

How to Improve Balance

Question: “what exercises or training would be good for body control and balance when sprinting, jumping, being agile and cutting to get around people, and like in basketball contact when […]

Which Squat Style is Best?

Question: “why do you prefer the oly squat for athleticism? a powerlifting squat is far more demanding on the p-chain, which is probably the most important area of the body […]

When Should I Work Out During the Day?

Question: “Hey Daniel, do you think what time you wake up in relation to the time you train at makes a difference in performance?”

Answer: “Yes, definitely. And throw when you eat into […]

Slow Reps Hinder Explosiveness?

Question: “My strength coach is having me (along with all of the other throwers) do a lot reps that involve slow negative movements, pause at the bottom of the rep, […]