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How to Run Faster

Speed is a bit of a mysterious topic among athletes. How do I get it? Why does he have it? Why can I jump but not run? Will sprinting make […]

Front Squats vs Back Squats

Among athletes and strength coaches there is much debate over which is better for athletes who need to get stronger, front squats or back squats. This debate is rather silly. […]

The Strength-Speed Spectrum

Human movement relies on contraction of muscle-tendon complexes. Different movements require different types of contractions, which rely on different combinations of strength, explosiveness, springiness, and flexibility. The last three factors […]

Short vs Tall Athletes

Some of my first training experience was helping my friend Chris to jump higher. Over two years of training (with some breaks) he made great progress, despite not being a […]

How to Get a Lean Body and Be Healthy

Controlling body weight and composition is a huge topic when it comes to the health of the general public and also an important responsibility for athletes. Technology, the food industry, […]