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How to Jump Higher

There’s a lot of information on this site and in the Jump Science posts on facebook and instagram. When I write, I try to give people actionable information. I hope […]

Speed Science: Low Heel Recovery

This is not a generic article recommending low heel recovery. In fact the aim here is to get people questioning the effect of this trend in the coaching of sprint […]

The Science of Sports Training

There is a sea of athletic development information on the internet nowadays. The overall quality has improved as more educated people have built websites and social media presence to combat […]

Specific Strength Training


Practicing and playing your sport is the ultimate specific training.
If the ultimate specific training is already in place, attempts at specific strength training can only be effective through […]

Long Term Athletic Development

When people first begin training to improve their athleticism, they typically have some level of success in the first few months. Unfortunately progress tends to stop before too long. In […]

Get More Fast Twitch: Less is More

Muscle fiber type is one of those topics on which people love to make uninformed statements. You may have heard things like, “Heavy weights work those slow twitch fibers.” Or […]

Squat Depth

In the discussion on transfer of training, squat depth is a hotly contested issue with many opinions clouding the view. On one side many people testify to superior strength and […]

Biarticulate Muscles and Synergy

When looking at muscle function, people often look at one joint, consider the muscles that act on that joint, and identify the muscles that perform opposite actions as antagonists to […]

Speed Science

This is a video series on top speed. The videos will cover physics, biomechanics, sprinting technique, and training strategies. The first video covers the physics of top speed and the […]

Strength Training for Speed and Vertical Jump

There is a lot of disagreement on the role that strength training plays in athletic development. Some say squatting is the only thing you need to do to increase your […]

Jumper’s Knee

Jumper’s knee is a term given to pain in the quadriceps or patellar tendon, the prominent tendon on the front of the knee joint which connects the quadriceps muscle group […]

Jump Science University: Muscle Tension

The video series below covers biomechanical and physiological factors that influence muscle tension. Along the way you get a good amount of university level anatomy and physiology education. With this […]

Achilles Strength (Bosch is wrong)

In a popular athletic development book, the author, Frans Bosch, cites force measurements in the achilles tendon of 3-6 x body weight (BW) in sprinting and 8-10 x BW in […]

Long Jump Case Study

In the athletic development field coaches often share general philosophies, models, ideas, etc. Someone might talk about things they consider when making decisions, but not share any actual data or […]

Stop Hamstring Injuries and Get Fast

Hamstring injuries are the source of much vexation in the exercise field. While the human body and human movement are extraordinarily complex, and a person may possess some unique characteristics […]

Velocity Based Training

Key points

VBT is using velocity feedback to influence workouts.
Most explosive training is naturally velocity based.
Current trend is applying VBT concept to strength training.
VBT in strength training is […]

Great Athletes Are Strong

We can break down a person’s athletic ability into two fundamental factors. The first is raw strength. This is simply the maximum amount of tension that can be generated by […]

How to Squat CORRECTLY

“Simply by keeping my torso upright and knees wide like you recommended, I can now squat 325 at a bodyweight of 175. I can also pretty easily dunk a basketball. […]

The Truth About Westside Dynamic Effort

Let’s talk about lifting light weight as part of your strength training regimen. I recently got into a discussion (argument) with a couple people, which revealed to me that there […]

The Explosive Performance Window and Periodization

This post is just a video regarding the design of training over the long term.

Jump Squats and Hex Bar Deadlift

One of the things that drives me crazy is the misinterpretation of research results. I have most often seen this in the case of measuring physics outputs like force, impulse, […]

The Bilateral Deficit and Unilateral Training

What the heck is the bilateral deficit? Watch the video.

There may be some skepticism or confusion regarding the bilateral deficit. People may wonder why they cannot 1-arm bench press more […]

How to Get Eccentric Strength

Does lowering the weight slowly focus on eccentric strength?

First, does specific eccentric strength even exist? We classify muscle contractions as eccentric, isometric, and concentric. But physiologically is there any difference? […]

Front Squats vs Back Squats

Among athletes and strength coaches there is much debate over which is better for athletes who need to get stronger, front squats or back squats. This debate is rather silly. […]

The Strength-Speed Spectrum

Human movement relies on contraction of muscle-tendon complexes. Different movements require different types of contractions, which rely on different combinations of strength, explosiveness, springiness, and flexibility. The last three factors […]

Short vs Tall Athletes

Some of my first training experience was helping my friend Chris to jump higher. Over two years of training (with some breaks) he made great progress, despite not being a […]

How to Get a Lean Body and Be Healthy

Controlling body weight and composition is a huge topic when it comes to the health of the general public and also an important responsibility for athletes. Technology, the food industry, […]

Olympic Lifting for Non-lifting Athletes

The sport of weightlifting consists of the clean & jerk and the snatch. This article will refer to those as the olympic lifts. In these lifts, a barbell is essentially […]

Basic Nutrition

Nutrition is a crucial component of sports training that is too often not given much thought. The key thing to understand is that all the intelligent, advanced training in the world is completely […]