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About Coach Back

Daniel Back is the founder of Jump Science.

Pain Above the Knee Cap?

The rectus femoris (green marker) is one of the quadriceps muscles, but it is anatomically and functionally unique to the rest of the muscle group. The other quads simply cross […]

The Explosive Performance Window and Periodization

This post is just a video regarding the design of training over the long term.

Jump Squats and Hex Bar Deadlift

One of the things that drives me crazy is the misinterpretation of research results. I have most often seen this in the case of measuring physics outputs like force, impulse, […]

The Bilateral Deficit and Unilateral Training

What the heck is the bilateral deficit? Watch the video.

There may be some skepticism or confusion regarding the bilateral deficit. People may wonder why they cannot 1-arm bench press more […]

Supersetting strength and explosive exercises

Q: “How do you feel about doing plyos in between sets of squat or deadlift?”

A: “The purpose of doing explosive training in between or after strength training is to take […]

On the Origin of Species

From a purely scientific standpoint, the evolution of species from one ancestor is a joke.

From what science has shown, the process is impossible. Mutations don’t add more genes to the […]

Long-Term Training Goals

The goal of this article is to provide some long term goals for athletes to pursue in their training for athletic enhancement. With all the various types of training, set/rep […]

Jump Science Principles Produce 20-foot Javelin PR

In September 2014, I got an email from a collegiate javelin thrower asking me for some training advice. He was coming off Tommy John surgery and missing the next track […]

Why Basketball Players Are Weak

This video covers some of the common reasons that basketball players struggle to develop strength and athleticism.

Muscle Tension, RFD, and Nervous System Questions

A Jump Science user sent me a number of email questions. Here are my responses.

Will generating more tension in my muscle during training improve my performance?
More tension produces more structural […]