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Daniel Back is the founder of Jump Science.

Is Athletic Ability Genetic?

This is a very common question and it’s not a fun one to answer. The truth is genetics do play a significant role in the vertical jump and athletic ability […]

Short vs Tall Athletes

Some of my first training experience was helping my friend Chris to jump higher. Over two years of training (with some breaks) he made great progress, despite not being a […]

Lifting Weights Stunts Growth?

A lot of people have heard at some point that lifting weights before adulthood stunts growth. This is based on the hypothesis that applying high force to the skeleton will […]

How Much Will I Gain?

This is probably the question I’ve been asked more than any other since I began helping people train. Everyone wants to know, “How many inches in a month?” “Can I […]

Different Types of Athletes/Jumpers

A while ago I came across a standing vertical jump calculator on Kelly Baggett’s website. It’s prediction was based on just one thing, strength to body weight ratio. I entered […]

How to Get a Lean Body and Be Healthy

Controlling body weight and composition is a huge topic when it comes to the health of the general public and also an important responsibility for athletes. Technology, the food industry, […]

Olympic Lifting for Non-lifting Athletes

The sport of weightlifting consists of the clean & jerk and the snatch. This article will refer to those as the olympic lifts. In these lifts, a barbell is essentially […]

Basic Nutrition

Nutrition is a crucial component of sports training that is too often not given much thought. The key thing to understand is that all the intelligent, advanced training in the world is completely […]

Ankle Sprain Rehab

The most common injury suffered by basketball players is a sprained ankle. This is an extremely painful injury that can cause significant setbacks in speed, jumping ability, and agility. Basically […]