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Hello, my name is Daniel Back. I am the guy in the video above and the founder of Jump Science. The goal of this site is to provide high quality sports training info for all athletes. It was originally centered around vertical jump training but has expanded into a useful resource for athletes in all sports. Whether you’re looking for a jump training program, free articles, instructional videos, or lessons in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics, Jump Science can help! Check the menu below for options.


Jump Science 2.0 is THE BEST jump training on the web. It features an athlete evaluation, several customized training levels, and great instructional videos.

Jump Science University

This is the meat and potatoes of Jump Science. These articles and videos reveal the science behind effective athletic development. Get a free college education in exercise science. This info is gold!

Exercise Videos

Free instructional videos for strength training, explosive training, and stretching. These are not average Youtube exercise videos. They feature high quality, detailed instruction.

Jump Answers

These posts are training related questions and my answers to them. Answers often reference info from Jump Science University. If you have a training question, email daniel@jump-science.com.

About Jump Science

Learn about Jump Science principles as well as my athletic background and training history.

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I use IG like a blog where I post training advice, research, videos, and links to content on the site or youtube as well. I’m also on Facebook.


Take Flight

Jump higher. Run faster. Dominate your sport.

Here is a small sample of testimonials from Jump Science users:

♦ “I increased my vertical jump 90cm so now I can hit the rim with my head!”

♦  “I really appreciate everything Jump Science has done for me. I started not even being able to touch rim, now I can hang two handed at 5’7.”

♦  “In my opinion your site is one of the single most valuable and thorough resources available to any athlete in any sport period.”

♦  “After stretching for two weeks and the first three weeks of lifting my improvement has been from 30″ to 33-34″… Keep in mind I’m almost 40 yrs old… ”

♦  “I’m loving this program. I’m 31 years old and haven’t dunked since my motorcycle accident in 2009. In 4 weeks, I was already back to being able to drop step and dunk with 2 hands.”

♦  “I have been using Jump Science 2.0, and after completing Level 1 and the first phase of Level 2, my vert is up 6 inches.”

Check out more written and video testimonials.

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